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Snuffy DeStefano


About 12 years ago Snuffy DeStefano Went from a singer/songwriter with 5 CDs to a Chainsaw Carver.  His art has progressed from simple carving to to all burl wood interior carvings. Snuffy creates tables, lamps, and even functional sinks out of Burl wood. He also specializes in large and small Bigfoots, some are even in museums. Snuffy has carved mostly on the east coast, but has also carved in Germany, England, and Canada.

Each year, Hooskow's list of carvers continues to grow.  We thank each and every one of you who attend. We would also like to thank all of our 2018 carvers listed below: 

Jeff Donoughe

Ben Rannels

Snuffy Destafano

Cheryl Okenefski

Tim Klock

Kevin Treat

Kevin Black

Joe Luckenbill

DJ Emery

Ed Crow

Ed Atayan

Todd Gladfelter

Kraig Brady

Pat Hobert

Bob Anderson

Shawn Shoener

Bobby Gummo

Gregg Peachy

Doug Ryan

Glenn Rolson

Elaine Foy

Ray Knott


Craig Luckenbill

Mark Mann


Jen Black

Chris Lantz

Mike Highfield

Jenny Tanner

Brian Fox

Don Bratz

Lee Bower

Dennis Beck 

Dennis Homiak

Kevin Padgett

Nate Howard

Don Mesuda

Tom Hirtz

Luke Sassani

Joey Gieb

Angel Van Horn

Mike Balzer

Brian Ray Kinney

Joel Mack

Ernie & Amber Quinn

Paul Schlesing

Clair Talbot